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A tale of three cities; or, how I work

Confession: There are few things I love more than getting a glimpse into someone’s home and/or work space. Not in a creepy, voyeuristic way, mind you. That’s why I read so many home design and shelter blogs (one of the reasons, any way!)

So I thought I’d share a glimpse of my late-night workspace. The lovely lavender candle I have burning is courtesy of Urban Dwellings Design. If you haven’t been to this amazing home interior boutique in the River Market, what the heck are you waiting for? I’ll be going back for more candles, some jewelry and, coming soon, new Jonathan Adler items just in time for the holidays!

You might also notice my Paris snow globe, which has already made its blog debut. And my latest acquisition is a nifty desk organizer that’s also an homage to the NYC skyline. I picked it up at CB2 during my trip to New York last week (more on that soon!) and am in. love. So now, as I type into the wee hours, I can stare at things that remind me of my three favorite cities: New York, Paris, and, out my window, a lovely view of downtown Kansas City. That’s the sort of trifecta that makes this city girl smile.


The art of collaboration


BCBG boots are displayed at Urban Dwellings Design as part of a new cross-promotion. Photo courtesy of Urban Dwellings Design.

It’s taken me far too long to catch on to a brilliant partnership between my favorite local shoe boutique and a modern home interior shop (as well as a Delaware Street neighbor!) The ingenious cross-promotion involves select displays of inventory designed not only to showcase of-the-moment products, but also increase in-store traffic and raise awareness about the benefits of shopping locally.