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The burger king

As a Columbia, Mo. native, it’s safe to say I bleed black and gold. Yet I confess I’m becoming increasingly attached to Kansas City’s charming college town neighbor, home to a mythical red and blue bird known to cause temporary blindness. Still, I avert my eyes from the enemy mascot and instead stuff my face with sushi, or traipse down Mass(achusetts) Street, quite a little shopping mecca.

During today’s quick visit, I made yet another discovery — one so profound and amazing it shocked even me of the (sometimes) bottomless appetite and fondness for carnivorous cuisine. I found the holy grail of food items. The meaty temple to which so many of us bow in humble adoration.

I found the world’s best burger. LOOK:

The mouthwatering Kobe burger and truffle fries available at Dempsey's (Lawrence, Kan.)

The mouthwatering Kobe burger and truffle fries available at Dempsey's (Lawrence, Kan.)

Burger aficionados, meet your maker: Dempsey’s Pub. Step up to the counter for the Kobe burger, an incredibly flavorful blend of sirloin, Kobe beef and other top-shelf cuts that creates a hearty, palate-pleasing patty not for the faint of heart. Pickled onions and a sprinkling of greens add a zesty crunch that complements the richness of the burger, made even more delicious by a healthy dollop of truffle butter.

Although the fries were delicious, I couldn’t discern any pop of flavor from their truffle oil coating. They were well-salted, though, and made for a classic accompaniment to the burger. Should you shun calories like the plague, try your burger with a side of sinfully indulgent duck-fat fries.

I drove back to Kansas City in a drowsy meat coma, but the unforgettable meal was well worth the fatigue. My list of Lawrence cravings grows each time I go — perhaps my future will bring a second home in Larrytown.