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Weekend recap

Happy snowy Monday, dears!

Yep, it’s true — the white stuff is invading the metro today. Huge fluffy flakes are falling outside my office in Leavenworth – gorgeous! Hard to believe it was in the 70s on Friday, which made for a balmy evening spent with friends on Shark Bar’s patio. I was on the lookout for protestors, but apparently I was a bit early–like, 12+ hours early.

Saturday and Sunday? Not much to report–reading, lounging and a stop at one of my favorite City Market restaurants. It’s always nice to have some downtime, especially before a crazy week! Deadlines are pushed up because of Thanksgiving, and I’m preparing for my mom’s arrival and subsequent trip to mid-Missouri for Turkey Day festivities. Unfortunately, that means I’ll miss our local SNL star’s Plaza Lighting Ceremony appearance, but family calls!

Enjoy today’s winter weather and be safe!