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Lust list recap: Chez Elle Creperie

So I mentioned in my last lust list posting that I had a craving for oozy, gooey crepes from Chez Elle. After several long, torturous weeks, I finally ventured to the adorable Westside bistro last week where I had what was, quite possibly, the best breakfast I’ve EVER. HAD.

Paris crepe and iced latte, Chez Elle Creperie.

Just look at that! Fresh from the crepe pan, a perfectly cooked crepe that conceals Nutella and bananas, two of my favorite foods in the world. (Side note: my love for Nutella is so great, in fact, that I have a self-imposed ban on the chocolate spread in my house. I lack the discipline to portion it out over a couple weeks, and instead can destroy a jar in two or three days.)

And to accompany, a perfectly made iced caramel latte, which hit the spot despite the day’s cold, gray weather. I’m already planning a return trip, thanks to Chez Elle’s mouthwatering array of sweet and savory crepes–and don’t even get me started on the homemade pastries!

Consider this lust listing a sweet, sweet success!


Lust list: 12.07.09

Mussels from Le Fou Frog. Or, more aptly, Heaven in a Bowl.

Check out a new lust list, featuring my favorite Francophile retreat, a cocktail for a cause and a few sources for crafty, thoughtful Christmas gifts. My holiday shopping and socializing schedule is picking up at a rapid pace, so look for the lust list to be updated more often throughout the month of December.

New feature: Lust list


"Caryn" by Corso Como. Image courtesy of Habitat Shoe Boutique

What better way to chase away the Monday blues than to brainstorm lists of what I’m loving in Kansas City? Check out the newly unveiled Lust List sidebar to find out what I’m craving, sipping and coveting. I’ll change it up every couple of weeks–after all, a girl on the go has to stay on the cutting edge! Enjoy, and chime in with your own picks — I love recommendations and more excuses to get out on the town!

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