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Big news: Google Fiber picks KCK

I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon being teased by several e-mails about a “HUGE” announcement taking place today in KCK that would feature, among other highlights, a catered lunch from Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ. *cue drooling*

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or in a blissful, Internet-free existence), you probably already know the news. Google has picked KCK out of more than 1,000 cities to be the first city included in its groundbreaking Fiber Project.

In a nutshell? KCK’s getting some crazy fast Internet. But the Google Fiber Project is much, much more than Internet connection speed. Schools, businesses, local government and residents will all be able to benefit from this technology, and the opportunities and outcomes that could result from this designation are nearly limitless.

As for my two cents? I’ll be strongly advocating for any and all downtown KCK opportunities that may come of this announcement. Sure, I’m biased, seeing as I’m a board member for the Downtown Shareholders, a membership-based downtown advocacy group. And this doesn’t mean I want to shun the western half of the county–Google Fiber means great things for Cerner, Sporting Kansas City, Kansas Speedway and the Legends.

Yet within this project that perfectly encapsulates forward growth and progression, I hope that momentum will translate to KCK’s urban core as it becomes a more vibrant, thriving downtown, echoing a similar renaissance that’s taken place across the river.

Congratulations, KCK!