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My reaction after today’s Chiefs game . . .

Today’s game was, to put it mildly, disappointing. Here’s hoping the Chiefs have a better showing when the Baltimore Ravens come to town for the first round of the play-offs. GO CHIEFS!

Note: The photo is a few years old, but, sadly enough, still appropriate today.


Reasons I love Kansas City, #2: The Kansas City Chiefs

OK, admit it. Did you groan a little when you read the post title? Roll your eyes, maybe? Well, I hear you. But stay with me and find out why I just can’t quit the second reason I love Kansas City.

I was born a Kansas City Chiefs fan. Seriously. I think my dad would have disowned me if I chose to follow any other NFL team. As long as I can remember, Sundays (and select Monday nights) with my dad were spent in front of the TV as we cheered, cursed, screamed at or utterly melted down because of the Chiefs.

I can’t remember my first in-person Chiefs game, but I do recall an occasional wintry Sunday spent at Arrowhead Stadium, shivering under a Chiefs blanket and desperately sipping hot cocoa as my dad sat engrossed in the game, seemingly impervious to the seasonal elements. As I got older and later moved to Kansas City, I made it a personal goal to attend at least one game each season with the far-off dream that one day I would be a season ticket holder.

But the Chiefs haven’t made it easy. I’ve suffered more heartbreak and disappointment with this team than I could have imagined, yet I’ve also experienced some unforgettable highs. There’s nothing quite like walking into Arrowhead Stadium on game day, the constant roar of the crowd thundering around you as your eyes adjust to a sea of red. There’s a reason they say Arrowhead Stadium is one of the most difficult environments in which to play, and each time I’m there, I feel privileged to be a part of the palpable dedication shown by Chiefs fans.

I can’t lie. Last season left me with a bitter, bitter taste in my mouth. But as the weeks pass, the bitterness fades and my optimism blossoms, growing stronger in the days leading up to NFL preseason. “This could be it,” I think. “This could be the season where we go all the way.” And even if it’s not, I know I have a healthy supply of Sundays during which I can meet my football-loving friends (special shout-out to A-Yarn) and we can cheer and curse and groan and high-five with each other. Because in the larger sense, that’s what I love about the Chiefs. Good or bad, win or lose, we’re all in it together. And there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.