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A stream of consciousness (and personal milestone)

My mobile office during a book research trip to Omaha.

On my life’s agenda, today is vigorously circled (in colored ink, natch) and adorned with a few stars, maybe even a sunburst.

Today is the day my baby book goes into production, drawing ever nearer to the spring 2010 release date.


Yet my excitement isn’t without a fair share of anxiety, too. If you could look into my brain right now, it would go something like this: ohmygodIcan’tbelievemybookisinproduction. I worked so hard and I hope everyone loves it but what if they hate it and what if it doesn’t sell and what if I should have included ONE more restaurant or ONE more bar or ONE more shop or maybe a little more local history but it’s 200+ glorious pages about Kansas City and I’ve always DREAMED of writing a book And it’s in production! A book! MY book! And I love Kansas City so much and want everyone to come here and see what I see and fall in love with the city just like I did. But what if . . . what if . . . What. If.