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New Year’s Eve in Kansas City

Did this New Year’s Eve feel a little more low-key to anyone else? With many friends out of town and a depressing lack of house party invitations, R. and I decided to strike out on the Kansas City frontier for a New Year’s Eve date night.

First stop? McCoy’s Public House in Westport. Have you been there? I remember not liking this restaurant when I first moved to KC (umm, what was I thinking?!) and now it’s one of my favorites. We had a delicious dinner followed by an even better dessert.

We bee-lined out of Westport before the amateurs arrived and headed to our favorite close-to-home haunt, Harry’s Country Club. Our planned cocktail celebration ended early when we opted not to pay the $20/person cover charge for the night’s entertainment. A worthy expenditure, I’m sure, but our wallets are a little light as we head into the new year, and we had an ample supply of booze waiting at home.

And so there we were. The hubby, me, our cats and poor Dick Clark soldiering on during ABC’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve special. Was it the NYE I originally anticipated? Nope. Was it still an awesome celebration? You bet.

Plus, I decided at Harry’s that next year, we’ll ring in 2012 while on a cruise. That’s the kind of ambition that thrives as the calendar flips over onto another year.

How did you celebrate NYE? Whatever you did, I hope you had a fantastic evening that set the tone for an even better year. Cheers!


Christmas In The River Market

Have yourself a very creepy merry Christmas, courtesy of Harry’s Country Club!

Reasons I love Kansas City, #4: Cocktails

Bomb pop martini, Harry's Country Club

I love a good cocktail. Especially one that’s slightly sweet and/or fruity and made with vodka. My Kansas City cocktail experience began the night of my 21st birthday. The night before our flight to Las Vegas, my stepmom and I stopped at Kelly’s Westport Inn so I could legally order an amaretto sour and Jell-O shot. From there, I’d like to think my cocktail tastes have grown more sophisticated, but I will never be able to resist the lure of Kelly’s Jell-O shots, especially when they’re topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

Jolly Rancher, Harry's Country Club

Some of my best Kansas City memories involve cocktails–post-work happy hours over La Bodega’s sangria, Firefly’s raspberry limeade with which to toast birthdays, a bottle of Prosecco at Czar Bar purchased to commemorate my book proposal’s acceptance. Cocktails generally lead to some sort of revelry, and my experiences have been no exception.

Ace Pear Cider, McCoy's

The best part of Kansas City’s cocktail scene is its diversity. Want a reasonably priced glass of beer? Try a dive bar like Buzzard Beach. Prefer a cocktail that’s part liquid libation, part work of culinary genius? Head to the mixologists at Firefly or Manifesto (although during Manifesto’s sabbatical, follow Ryan and Beau to various Kansas City locations as part of the traveling cocktail club). Craving an icy, salty margarita? Check out Baja 600 and be sure to grab a seat on the patio. No matter your preference, Kansas City has a cocktail for you. Raise a glass, sip, enjoy, and don’t be afraid to order seconds. Cheers!

Lust list: 01.16.10

"Walnut Square Necklace" by emetalworks. Image courtesy of emetalworks.etsy.com.

It’s time to start 2010 off right, and that means a new lust list is in order! Whether you’re in the mood for delicately detailed jewelry, a mouthwatering French confection or a warm brew to chase away the winter blues, this lust list installment has it all. Enjoy!