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A tale of three cities; or, how I work

Confession: There are few things I love more than getting a glimpse into someone’s home and/or work space. Not in a creepy, voyeuristic way, mind you. That’s why I read so many home design and shelter blogs (one of the reasons, any way!)

So I thought I’d share a glimpse of my late-night workspace. The lovely lavender candle I have burning is courtesy of Urban Dwellings Design. If you haven’t been to this amazing home interior boutique in the River Market, what the heck are you waiting for? I’ll be going back for more candles, some jewelry and, coming soon, new Jonathan Adler items just in time for the holidays!

You might also notice my Paris snow globe, which has already made its blog debut. And my latest acquisition is a nifty desk organizer that’s also an homage to the NYC skyline. I picked it up at CB2 during my trip to New York last week (more on that soon!) and am in. love. So now, as I type into the wee hours, I can stare at things that remind me of my three favorite cities: New York, Paris, and, out my window, a lovely view of downtown Kansas City. That’s the sort of trifecta that makes this city girl smile.


Sneak peek: Market 3

Take it from me – living in the River Market is absolutely fantastic. The lofts, the City Market, scenic Delaware Street — it’s the stuff of which downtown dreams are made.

The only downside? A lack of basic services that are accessible on foot (unless you’re into really, really, realllllly long walks.) So imagine my sheer and utter delight when I noticed space in a nearby building (formerly an extension of Scott Fitness) was being converted into a market. A MARKET!

Welcome to Market 3 (near the intersection of 3rd and Wyandotte), a modest space that boasts all of the essentials: giant cinnamon rolls, The Roasterie coffee and a fresh, colorful salad bar.

OK, OK – maybe you have a different idea of essentials. You’ll also find milk, (fresh farm) eggs (priced at an obscenely low $1.89/dozen), toilet paper, paper towels, soup, canned vegetables, snack foods, Farm to Market bread and more.

If you stop in between now and the end of the month, you may notice the shelves are a lil’ sparse. Don’t worry. The shop’s official opening, according to owner and neighbor, Phil, is scheduled for Oct. 30.

The staff is actively seeking suggestions about what to carry, so if you live or work nearby, pop in and let them know what you’d like to find in a neighborhood market and deli. We just may bump into each other when you do – I have a feeling I’ll be a regular in no time!

T-Rex spotted in downtown Kansas City!


While en route to the Union Station post office, you can imagine my surprise as I pulled closer and was confronted with a startlingly life-like Tyrannosaurus Rex, poised to strike in front of the famed Kansas City landmark. Upon further investigation, the new installment is here to promote an upcoming Union Station exhibit that looks quite entertaining.

I couldn’t resist this shot as I was pulling away and about to turn left on Main Street. Doesn’t the T-Rex look terribly frightening amid the trees? I mean, seriously – if I lived during the prehistoric age and this thing was coming at me, well, I think I’d pee myself. And probably end up as dinner. Now that’s nature vs. nurture in action!

Out to lunch: La Bodega

Confession time: I like to go out to lunch. A lot. I usually prefer company, but the great thing about lunch is it’s a perfectly fine meal to enjoy alone–and as long as I have a book or some other reading material, I’m a happy girl.

After battling a nasty cold for several days, I emerged during today’s glorious spring weather for some desperately needed fresh air and a view of something other than my loft. After several minutes spent driving aimlessly around downtown, I arrived at my lunch destination: La Bodega, a Spanish restaurant on Southwest Boulevard that specializes in tapas and some of the best sangria in town.

I knew I was in for a good meal–in my opinion, La Bodega never disappoints. Yet I was unprepared for the mouthwatering excellence found in each bite of gambas a la plancha. Translation? HEAVEN. Rich, garlicky shrimp tempered with the subtle tang of red pepper resulted in an explosion of flavors so good that I shamelessly sponged the remaining olive oil from the plate with a slice of crusty bread.

Two glasses of raspberry iced tea and an order of albondigas caseras (meatballs in a spicy garlic cream sauce) later, I left La Bodega sated and happy, ready to conquer an afternoon meeting and the rest of the day. If you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by. I’ll be waiting, tapas and sangria at the ready. Cheers!

Street scenes: Union Station after dark

It’s been a busy week in the freelance world, and last night, I found myself at Union Station in the late evening after conducting a couple of interviews. The dim lighting and hushed interior virtually begged for photos, and with my new Canon camera, I happily obliged. Enjoy!

Opening soon: The Garment District

Just in time for the start of spring shopping, downtown Kansas City’s Power and Light District’s newest tenant, The Garment District, is set to open next  week. Described as a “boutique bar collective,” the Garment District unites several Kansas City designers and creators including Label, Urbantique, Two Chic Blvd., Denim Couture, City Girls Boutique, Polka Dot Petals and Imagery.

The result is a multi-tenant, market-style atmosphere that allows shoppers to peruse a variety of wares at once, and also offers shop owners a less expensive environment in which to maintain their boutique space; some have, until now, only operated online.

The Garment District’s grand opening weekend kicks off Friday, Feb. 26. All merchandise is 15 percent off, and on Sunday, enjoy complimentary bloody Marys and mimosas. Now go forth and shop!

photo by thejoyof, Flickr

Street scenes: Columbus Park + River Market

I know I’m not alone in my complete and utter hatred of snow, cold and general winter yuckiness. Yet I and the rest of Kansas City received a much-needed reprieve yesterday in the form of clear, blue skies and temperatures that felt almost balmy. I roamed the streets with this lovely lady (and her fiance) and, while strolling, couldn’t resist snapping some pics. Enjoy, and think spring-like thoughts!!

Impressive facade, Columbus Park

Lewis and Clark mural, River Market

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