Paris, je t’aime!

I’ve been a self-professed francophile for most of my life. I frequently dream of Paris (and in my dreams, I speak fluent French) and now, thanks to my lovely stepmom, I can stare at the Eiffel Tower while I work.

It’s no coincidence, then, that the candle behind the snow globe is a French-inspired scent from 5b & Co. Candlemakers, one of my favorite Kansas City shops.

Vive la France!

And by the way, do you have a metropolitan soulmate? Please share!


12 responses to “Paris, je t’aime!

  1. i love french. but as a 7th grader i was way too embarrass to free my inner francophile and reallllly get into the pronunciation required by our french teacher. to compensate, i’ve worn enough french perfume formulate prior to 1960 to kill a drugged up heiress. damn, this winter has been far too short on late nights marked with the scent of coco or jean patou.

    • I studied French for almost a decade and my accent is still horrible. I’ve lost a lot of my language skills simply from lack of use, but I still read Le Monde daily and listen to French radio to try and cling to my knowledge. I like your French perfume strategy – maybe I should try that while consuming copious amounts of French food and wine. Quelle bonne idee!

      • Anna Mc Connell

        Hi Katy,
        We have not had the opportunity to meet yet. That’s great that you try to keep up on your French. We still need to go to “Chez Elle” together.
        La cuisine Francaise me manque!

  2. Hi Katy,
    Nice to meet you. I’ve been here 6 years, from Paris, but I still do not know everything there is to know about KC. It changes constantly. I’ve brought a little part of France to KC. We should have coffee some time.
    Anna (

  3. Hi Anna! It’s so lovely to “meet” you! I would love, love, love to meet for coffee! We should meet at Chez Elle so we can have crepes, too. I’ll bring my Kansas City guidebook to show you – maybe it will give you some more KC ideas. And I want to pick your brain about Paris, of course! Please feel free to e-mail me: katywrites[at]gmail[dot]com. I’m going to look you up on Facebook now!

  4. New Orleans
    San Francisco

    Apparently I have an affinity for cities known for debauchery, and/or progressiveness. Take that for what it’s worth.

  5. you need to meet/follow @aladyinfrance. her name is Jennie. she lives there and i love her blog!!!

  6. p.s. i am from new orleans. lived there until i was 28. miss it dearly. going back to visit next week….

  7. p.p.s. i adore bon bon atelier!
    ok. going to explore your blog more and stop leaving so many comments.

  8. Lovely post, was wondering if you knew where your lovely stepmom got your snowglobe? It’s gorgeous! I’m looking for one similar for my boyfriend who also dreams of Paris!

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