Satisfy your sweet (and savory) tooth at Nica’s Cafe

Let me introduce you to a little slice of heaven called Nica’s Cafe.

The cozy, character-filled bistro seems a little out-of-place in Strip Mall Central (otherwise known as the intersection of 143rd and Metcalf in Overland Park.)

It only seems appropriate that Nica’s is planning to relocate to the Crossroads District (which means you only have a couple of weeks to dine at the current location before a brief hiatus.)

Described as a restaurant “where tradition meets fusion,” Nica’s Cafe offers a deceptively complex menu filled with flavorful, filling fare that puts an inventive spin on classic dishes.

Luckily, I was with a Nica’s regular (the lovely Dana) during my first experience, so she deftly guided me through the menu. I opted for the pan-fried lasagna noodles. The edges are crisped by a delicate bath in seasoned oil, and then topped with your choice of ingredient combinations. I chose sweet Thai (chicken breast, shiitake mushrooms, caramelized onions) topped with a subtly sweetened red sauce and freshly grated cheese.

Other flavor combos include Italian, spicy Cajun, veg-head, margarita and the Caribbean, and you can choose from several entrees (crepe, bruschette pizza, gourmet salad or an open-face Sicilian style sandwich) with which to accompany your flavor. If you’re a breakfast lover, have no fear – Nica’s also serves up beignets, pancakes and breakfast sandwiches.

The best part of the meal? Free dessert (pictured above.) We were treated to an espresso topped with an indulgent dollop of whipped cream, accompanied by a chocolate chip-coated cannoli. As we enjoyed the unexpected treat, Dana filled me in that she hasn’t yet been to Nica’s without receiving some sort of unexpected dessert or snack.

Head south while you can! Nica’s plans to open the new location in mid-March, and I’ll be counting down the minutes. If you’ll excuse me, I have an inexplicable craving for pan-fried lasagna noodles . . .

P.S. Apologies for the blurry photo quality. Apparently I was too excited by the cannoli to take a decent picture.

2 responses to “Satisfy your sweet (and savory) tooth at Nica’s Cafe

  1. Three of my favorite restaurant terms: cozy, character filled and bistro! (The yummy food descriptions – beignets! – are an important bonus : )

    Thank you for the tip! Will try to make it to the south location before checking out the northern locale later this year!

  2. Judy, we should definitely schedule a lunch date at the new location in the spring – I think you’d really like it. Hope to see you at breakfast on Friday!

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