Sneak peek: Market 3

Take it from me – living in the River Market is absolutely fantastic. The lofts, the City Market, scenic Delaware Street — it’s the stuff of which downtown dreams are made.

The only downside? A lack of basic services that are accessible on foot (unless you’re into really, really, realllllly long walks.) So imagine my sheer and utter delight when I noticed space in a nearby building (formerly an extension of Scott Fitness) was being converted into a market. A MARKET!

Welcome to Market 3 (near the intersection of 3rd and Wyandotte), a modest space that boasts all of the essentials: giant cinnamon rolls, The Roasterie coffee and a fresh, colorful salad bar.

OK, OK – maybe you have a different idea of essentials. You’ll also find milk, (fresh farm) eggs (priced at an obscenely low $1.89/dozen), toilet paper, paper towels, soup, canned vegetables, snack foods, Farm to Market bread and more.

If you stop in between now and the end of the month, you may notice the shelves are a lil’ sparse. Don’t worry. The shop’s official opening, according to owner and neighbor, Phil, is scheduled for Oct. 30.

The staff is actively seeking suggestions about what to carry, so if you live or work nearby, pop in and let them know what you’d like to find in a neighborhood market and deli. We just may bump into each other when you do – I have a feeling I’ll be a regular in no time!

4 responses to “Sneak peek: Market 3

  1. This looks great! Thanks for the tip, Katy. I definitely have a suggestion for them – Pop Chips. If they carry them already, I’m headed there immediately! : )

  2. While I appreciate your mention of this market…your “really, really, realllllly long walk” from 3rd Street is actually 7 blocks to a CVS or 10 blocks to Cosentino’s. Most of the Rivermarket dwellers live north of this store so it’s actually even closer. In most urban environments that wouldn’t be much of a walk, but I guess it is for people in Kansas City. Regardless…nice to see a convenience store pop up in the Rivermarket.

  3. Thanks for the review Katy! I live a few blocks from Market 3 and look forward to shopping there. Do you know if they are planning to stock bagels or other fresh breads? Any idea what their phone number is?

    Thanks, Bob

  4. This is fantastic news! I work in the area so coffee + salad bar within walking distance? SOLD!

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