Movin’ on up (in the blogosphere. . .)

Happy scorching, hot, disgusting, humid Monday, friends!

It’s too bad I hate this late stage of summer because August is also known as my birthday month! Please feel free to send gifts starting … NOW! I kid, I kid. But it is interesting to note that I am the stereotypical Leo: spotlight-hoggin’, drama-lovin’, creative, optimistic – I’ve got it all. Any other fellow Leos out there?

Let’s get down to business with some happy but belated news! You may know that I’ve been contributing to a DIY and home improvement blog, Charles & Hudson, for a couple of years. At the end of July, I moved up to assistant editor, meaning I post on a more regular schedule, moderate incoming content from the site’s contributors and travel as needed (yay!) My first trip is tomorrow–the site’s founder, Timothy, and I are headed to Indianapolis to meet a group of bloggers and editors at Delta Faucet headquarters. I’m excited to see this faucet in person, and there’s rumor of practice installation and demonstration stations, which will be PURE COMEDY on my end. When most people think of me, an overwhelming mastery of tools is not something that immediately comes to mind, but, hey. Maybe I’ll discover an untapped talent!

So if you’re into DIY and home improvement stuff, check out the site! And feel free to hit me up with project or post ideas or your firsthand DIY experience. Now that the shameless self-promotion is out of the way, it’s back to our regularly scheduled Kansas City programming!

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