Exciting book news!

I’m back with a bang, people, and just in time to deliver some happy, Moon Kansas City-related news!

If you’re so inclined, please hop over to Moon.com and read my just-released author Q&A, during which I extol my love of Kansas City and provide numerous travel tips and recommendations.

Once you’re done reading the Q&A and are simply overflowing with enthusiasm for all things KC, won’t you be so kind as to save the date for my first book appearance? I’ll be at the North Kansas City Library at 6:30p next Thursday, June 24, to discuss the book, some of KC’s best-kept secrets and more. Psst – there may even be a game. With prizes.

I’ll return later tonight with all sorts of bloggy goodness – we have a lot to catch up on, and I’ll also have photos from tonight’s book signing with a great friend and fellow author, Ink magazine’s own Monica Watrous, for her crafty tome Procreate: Easy Projects To Transform Your Home And Wardrobe. Stop over and see her at R Bar tonight (4:30-6p) and while you’re there, try my new favorite cocktail: the Monk’s Cup. No, it’s not on the menu, but just ask Arturo–he’ll know.



One response to “Exciting book news!

  1. Hope to be there…it’s two days before we move, though, so it depends on how far we’ve come with packing!

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