New in town: Liberty Belle KC

I made a happy discovery today while on the hunt for nursery decor with Jamie at Urban Mining Homewares and Good JuJu. On the backside of the building that houses Good JuJu is Liberty Belle KC, a family-owned vintage shop that, like the aforementioned boutiques, is only open the first weekend of the month.

Inside Liberty Belle KC, a treasure trove of antique, vintage and second-hand goodies awaits, arranged in several areas that include a few individually owned booths. Searching for a kitschy plush chair or a retro, wall-mounted telephone? Done and done.

Those who know me well know that I’m drawn like a magpie to shiny, glittery things–in fact, this obsession with sparkle is a running joke within my family. So imagine my delight as I encountered Junie’s, one of the vintage booths within Liberty Belle KC that’s bursting with all sorts of finds: jewelry, fabric flowers, knick-knacks, furniture, bird cages and more.

Head to Liberty Belle KC this weekend for the unofficial opening, and be sure to mark your calendar for the first weekend of May, when Liberty Belle celebrates its grand opening. And when you go? Bring cash or your checkbook. Debit and credit cards are only accepted at certain booths.

3 responses to “New in town: Liberty Belle KC

  1. Definitely something that will have to go in Yelp Events!!

  2. liberty belle is the bomb! loved every inch!

  3. Liberty Belle is a great experience. After going to 5 Johnson County estate sales and Mission Road Antique Mall, our last stop was Liberty Belle. What a treasure!! Don’t miss this one.

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