A quick note

Tomorrow I’ll be starting a 7-day series to count down the final week before Moon Kansas City’s release. Each day, I’ll post a reason why I love Kansas City (with lots of photos, of course). And on March 30, we’ll all break into spontaneous dancing and revelry!

Check back to see my list, and don’t forget to tell me the reasons YOU love Kansas City! In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite local blogs. If you’re into typography, design or simply enjoy great photos, this blog is for you. For fellow fashionistas, this local street style blog is a great source of inspiration. And whether you’re into crafts, design, Kansas City, food, fashion or Everything That Is Awesome, you’ll feel right at home at this recently redesigned blog. Give them a read, and I’ll see you soon!

4 responses to “A quick note

  1. Thanks for the blog tips! I’m excited to see your daily posts, too 🙂

  2. ooooooh, thanks, sweet pea!!! can’t wait to see all of your fab reasons to love kc!

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