Lust list recap: Chez Elle Creperie

So I mentioned in my last lust list posting that I had a craving for oozy, gooey crepes from Chez Elle. After several long, torturous weeks, I finally ventured to the adorable Westside bistro last week where I had what was, quite possibly, the best breakfast I’ve EVER. HAD.

Paris crepe and iced latte, Chez Elle Creperie.

Just look at that! Fresh from the crepe pan, a perfectly cooked crepe that conceals Nutella and bananas, two of my favorite foods in the world. (Side note: my love for Nutella is so great, in fact, that I have a self-imposed ban on the chocolate spread in my house. I lack the discipline to portion it out over a couple weeks, and instead can destroy a jar in two or three days.)

And to accompany, a perfectly made iced caramel latte, which hit the spot despite the day’s cold, gray weather. I’m already planning a return trip, thanks to Chez Elle’s mouthwatering array of sweet and savory crepes–and don’t even get me started on the homemade pastries!

Consider this lust listing a sweet, sweet success!

One response to “Lust list recap: Chez Elle Creperie

  1. Hola! Ha–do NOT miss out on the chocolate eclairs. If you love nutella, you will adore the chocolate ‘icing’. Oh yeah!

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