Street scenes: Columbus Park + River Market

I know I’m not alone in my complete and utter hatred of snow, cold and general winter yuckiness. Yet I and the rest of Kansas City received a much-needed reprieve yesterday in the form of clear, blue skies and temperatures that felt almost balmy. I roamed the streets with this lovely lady (and her fiance) and, while strolling, couldn’t resist snapping some pics. Enjoy, and think spring-like thoughts!!

Impressive facade, Columbus Park

Lewis and Clark mural, River Market

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2 responses to “Street scenes: Columbus Park + River Market

  1. love this series, katy! can’t wait to have more views of kc in spring time…is it here yet??? 🙂

  2. thanks kim!! no kidding. do you know i’ve heard TWO people spreading a rumor that we’re supposed to have another blizzard in early Feb, like around the 4th? Not sure how they can predict weather that far out, but I hope they’re wrong! Need. Sunlight. NOW!

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