Kate Spade’s subtle KC shout-out

As a certified shopaholic, I’m doing my best to ignore the discount-laden e-mails that are pouring into my inbox in preparation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Yet when “kate spade” pops up in my inbox, I can’t say no, and it’s a good thing I clicked!

Image courtesy of Kate Spade promotional e-mail

Is it just me, or is Kate dispersing a bit of Kansas City love? Check out the address on the Christmas card. It’s incomplete, but one could guess it’s KC-bound, headed to the handbag maven’s hometown. A Merry Christmas to you, Kate. I’ll continue to wish for the ultimate gift–a dedicated Kate Spade boutique. Santa, are you listening?

2 responses to “Kate Spade’s subtle KC shout-out

  1. I, too, would like a dedicated Kate Spade boutique in KC. Very cute shoutout, though!

  2. It’s nice when the the hometown folk give a shout-out.

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